Revitalisation and Redevelopment of Al-Huwaish (The Old City)

Through thousands of years, The old cities still tell us tells and stories, and these stories must be conveyed to our future generation by us.
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Designer(s) : Rafid Abbas Abdulhadi

University : University of Baghdad

Tutor(s) : Sharq Jaffer Hadi Al-Yassiry.

The historical Al-Huwish area considers one of the four most important places that surrounding the holy shrine of Imam Ali in Najaf city in term of time and place, due to its central location, its scientific and religious importance, and for its historical depth which extends for hundreds of years. Al- Huwish considers the urban identity of the city. The word of the Huwish is a miniature word used by Najafi people to refer to the small house with a courtyard in the middle, and it represents the homes of the poor who lived in this area, and some of these houses “Ahwash” still exist until now.

The Al-Huwish area includes one of the most important cultural and commercial markets, which is the Al-Huwish market that holds cultural heritage dated back to about 700 years ago. The Al- Hawish market surrounding by a big number of old scientific and religious schools madrassas in Najaf

Because Najaf is an important scientific, religious and commercial center. Its main hallway is 3 meters long. Neighboring this market many narrow alleys that still retain their old identity, which in turn leads pedestrians to Al-Huwish market

The project consists of several important steps which contribute to rebuilding the area and improving the economic and cultural life of the residence, and improve their standards of living by providing job opportunities for them. The project includes a Cultural Center, which is going to be the first place for visitors and pilgrims, who are coming from the southern side, to see and get information about the city of Najaf and its historical value, which contains a huge number of ancient manuscripts, and a significant number of old and rear books, documents and other Islamic items that will be provided for them to look at and learn about them during their visit… Then they would have the opportunity to take a tour through the market, shops and literary cafes that bring together students, intellectuals, pioneers, popular restaurants and the project plaza or the people’s gathering area is the central area of the Al- Huwish market and it is the core the project, which consists of a main stadium, a fountain and a multi-functional plaza, where it is sometimes a commercial bazaar and consists of reused wooden booths that can be easily moved and converted into a stage for performing various activities such as poetry and plays … etc

And the craft school that revive the workforce for those who are still practicing handicrafts professionally, and preserves and reproduce the old professions