Agriculture Research Center

An agriculture research center which aims to create new technologies and attractive design, while respecting to the critical site location and its historical background.
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Designer(s) : Sara Chamass

University : Beirut Arab University

Tutor(s) : Prof. Hisham Alarnaouty

The challenge in this agriculture research centre is identified by the combination of contemporary design and old historical context. Using modern building methods in a simple and attractive architectural form generates a power that keeps the user under a different experience. The project represents the reflection of the surroundings. The mountains are the main keys to creating the concept. The vertices of the planes are extruded to reflect the huge panoramic views of the site. The project will never be relocated to another area. Its beginning and ending are identified in the roots of the site. The project is the first airfield in the region. It’s not about a sculpture, but it’s a helping centre for the users and residents in the Beqaa. The water mills return the memory of the past. These architectural monuments are the focal point in the project when they become the starting and the ending point. They are reused to produce hydroelectricity for the building. Water channels are regenerated and conducted to the interior of the agriculture centre to be a centre for water testing also. This project is a social attraction for a special experience.