Seaweed Biomachine Factory

"Bio Machine: An architectural machine building blending innovative design, sustainable systems, and nature-inspired elements to create a regenerative building that transforms seaweed into energy, while harmoniously integrating with the surrounding environment."
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Designer(s) : Louay M. Ghezzawi

University : Beirut Arab University

Tutor(s) : Dr. Hesham El Arnaouty

The ‘Bio Machine’ project is an exploration of using clean energies in future urban scenarios, addressing global population growth and climate change. It proposes a bio-building that produces seaweed as a response to the ecosystem disruption near the Zouk power plant. The project embraces regenerative architecture, harnessing the diverse roles of seaweed in society. The building acts as a bio-machine, converting seaweed into valuable resources, supporting the local community and aiming to restore the ecosystem. Despite being a machine, the project places a strong emphasis on the human experience and social impact, empowering the community and fostering sustainable practices.