Rehabilitation of stairs in Al-Qalaa district

This project aims to rehabilitate and develop Al-Qalaa Citadel old neighborhood which intends to develop the capital as a touristic, cultural and civilizational destination to enhance the locals’ quality of life and evolve the site as a unique and distinctive attraction point.
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Designer(s) : Farah Ayman Al-Sahily

University : Applied Science Private University

Tutor(s) : Ala Gammoh

Jabal Al Qalaa neighbourhood is considered one of the oldest inhabited neighbourhoods in Amman, and it has special features that are unique to them and of historical importance as it summarizes the history of the city.

Due to the historical importance of the Al Qalaa neighbourhood and the unique panoramic view that overlooks the city centre and the Roman amphitheatre. However, many of its residents complain about the lack of services, the poor economic situation, public facilities, and unemployment on this basis. This project came to rehabilitate and develop the Citadel’s old neighbourhood dating back to the early twentieth century, which chronicles important stages of Amman’s history. The project comes within the context of a general strategy to rehabilitate the Al Qalaa neighbourhood and preserve its distinctive character.

It is in line with the Municipality’s ongoing plan to make this area a highly competitive tourist destination within the strategy of developing the capital as a tourist, cultural and civilizational destination.  The project aims to enhance the local’s quality of life and develop the site as a unique and distinctive attraction point in Amman that is linked to Amman Citadel and can be developed to facilitate the process of economic development and tourism-related activities in Amman as a city for educational, cultural and tourism activities during the day and night.

The target group is primarily the locals and in the second place the tourists. Strengthening their relationship will improve the economic, cultural, social and tourism levels of the area.