Railway Museum Park in Redfern

A space connecting past, present, and future by railway history
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Designer(s) : Yau Kai Shing

University : The University of New South Wales

Tutor(s) : Philip Oldfield

In Redfern Sydney, the former railway yard separate the North and South Eveleigh. By the gentrification, the surrounding suburban people flow is increasing especially the new innovation corridor and high-density residential units are introduced after the Sydney 2030 Plan. And the connectivity will be the key issue when facing the raised population and commuters.

The railway yard disconnects the other open space which is supposed to be a belt under the current urban planning. And the existing railway-related heritage is under a good condition with its abundant railway history in Sydney. A master plan approach not only connects the existing physical context and history but also fulfills future development will be another concern.

Lack of communal space is a problem especially the increased population in the future. There are only a few community centers in the analysis area. In addition, the site is near The University of Sydney which contains many students. The site has a great opportunity to connect the community with diverse communal activities.