Layers of time

The redesigning of Sulaymaniyah university's old campus
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Designer(s) : Dia Hawre

University : Tishk international university

Tutor(s) : Mustafa Mukhlis

Sulaymaniyah city is one of the Iraqi cities with a very rich history and many modern and historical architectural heritage, Sulaymaniyah university’s old campus can be considered as one of that modern architectural heritage.

The campus has been functioning as a university campus for many years but nothing has developed design and building-wise, this has led to many problems year by year with the increase of student density and change in lifestyles with the different generations and times. If buildings or campuses like these are not treated as evolving organisms they will eventually stop functioning properly for overcoming the demands of the current era. Some existing problems have caused many defects inside the campus this had led to the change in mentalities of the users and everyone slowly has started to think that the campus needs to be demolished or rebuilt and changed.

Architects and designers need to show ways of solutions for these cases. In this project, the campus is generally treated as an evolving organism with showing the different layers of different times of the campus by rehabilitating the campus in general and adding a new building which is the student centre a new function for a new contemporary era of the campus. With a contrasting manner to show the different layers added in a different time to become a layer of history in the future but with a lightweight glass elevation focusing on the remaining old part of the campus as a panorama of the campus serving the old views and details. Moreover, the lack of parking facilities inside the campus has turned a very walkable campus into a very huge parking lot, cars are parked on the pedestrian pavements and this has reduced the quality of walkability inside. The landscape is redesigned and the open areas are increased for better social connections and improved time spent for each user of all ages, as a sustainable factor and also as preserving the sense of space and intimacy the same existing trees from many years ago are reused inside the landscape, so the soul of the campus is still the old soul.

For this 2 underground garages are located underneath connected to the main roads. Another case study of the campus is the Educational dental clinic building, a place for students to learn and also people from all statuses from to get dental care, designed most properly because architecture must serve people from all statuses and all conditions as one. The last case study is the college of medicine which has faced an unexpected increase in density in recent years causing the students and staff to use other departments’ buildings for their lectures. The building is considered one of the oldest buildings also in this project it is preserved and the plans are redesigned.

Overall the campus is preserved by adding layers of today and this will continue to tomorrow.