A journey to discover the beauty of nature in Al Karak city. Specifically, in Wadi Bin Hammad region that aims to enhancing the value of the soul.
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Designer(s) : Iyad Sawaftah

University : University of Petra

Tutor(s) : Hadeer Merza

The Hidden Heaven

Wadi Bin Hammad Adrenaline and Interpretation Centre

Project Video:

The project is a journey to discover the beauty of nature in Al Karak city. Specifically, in the Wadi Bin Hammad region that aims to enhance
the value of the soul. As the place contains much different natural heritage, by providing much different tourism inside it as well.
Where the project provides a different experience for the visitor, by interacting with the place by using different senses, each at the expense of the other in different places of the project, to revive the value of the soul in the body.

Types of tourism in Wadi Bin Hammad:

– Therapeutic tourism: it provides waterfalls, torrents, and streams, which increase with water from tributaries
located on the outskirts of the valley: including hot and cold water as well. Pours into the Dead Sea region.

– Archeological and historical tourism: it has sedimentary rocks, which scientists estimated to be around
840K years old

– Adventure tourism: provides drop-off areas for intermediate levels, low levels to professional levels.

– Eco-tourism: it has palm trees, oleander trees, Tamarix, and Imperata.

The purpose:
– Development of the area to become a tourist attraction.
– Highlighting the nature and tourism found in Al Karak city,
– Raising the socio-economic status of the city by providing new job opportunities
to the residents.
– Recreation and emptying negative energy through experience inside the valley.
– Enjoy the experience of sightseeing the landscape elements of Wadi Bin Hammad
while learning about them
– increase the awareness of visitors and residents of the region towards the natural.
– The project will act as a platform that brings both educational and spatial
experiences together while endorsing a sustainable lifestyle and conserving the
surrounding historic environment.