The story of the intersection of three poetic rivers
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Designer(s) : TAI LE ANH

University : University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City

Tutor(s) : Dam Huynh Quoc Vu


Tam = Three | Giang = River

Tam Giang Lagoon is made up of three rivers: Huong River, Bo River and O Lau River

Hue is known as the “poem” of urban Vietnam. Following the Huong river to the sea, the intersection between the poetic river and the vast ocean is Tam Giang Lagoon, which contains the idyllic and dear beauty of Hue. It is also known as the “biological pearl” because it has many rich and diverse natural resources.

The reason for the name Tam Giang lagoon is because it is the convergence of three famous rivers in Hue: Huong river, Bo river and O Lau river. Each river has its own characteristics, material and spiritual values, which contribute to creating a Tam Giang lagoon with a diversity of ecosystems and cultures. With the values of nature – culture – history, Tam Giang Lagoon deserves to be studied in order to preserve and promote its inherent values.

Culture has a close relationship between man and nature. Culture is shaped by nature, so the customs and habits of local people here are also shaped very specifically, only Tam Giang lagoon has it. Every year, big festivals such as fishing festival, boat racing festival, art kite flying festival are organized very elaborately, creating a solemn and joyful atmosphere, meaningful to help. connection between man and man, man and nature.

In addition, the daily customs and habits in Tam Giang lagoon that often take place such as floating markets, spiritual culture, religion, production forms are all expressed quietly, not too ostentatiously. However, they still have their own characteristics, the poetry of Hue.

I start from feeling the context deeply. Hue native architecture always shows the inherent romance, this is also one of the prerequisites to create a suitable building for this land. Modesty is a characteristic that cannot be ignored, this is reflected in every Hue traditional building, the architecture here often focuses on horizontal development, low height to be protected by nature.

The building is designed with absolute respect for the context. The current topographical elements are almost kept intact, the building is living in symbiosis with the inherent elements. The floor plates are arranged alternately, recalling the inherent floating market scene of this place. In addition, some floors with low elevation allow the water to access the building naturally during high tide. Following the water flow, the fisherman also has easy access to the structure, which helps to blur the line between a big public building and the local people.

The Center for Cultural Activities of Tam Giang Lagoon is a place to preserve the inherent values of Tam Giang Lagoon as well as promote the good traditions left by our forefathers. It can be said that Tam Giang lagoon is fortunate to be favored by heaven and earth for many unique values that are rarely found elsewhere. It is the scenery, the soul, the poetic beauties, each moment gives us its very own emotions, as if man and nature are blended into one.