Creating a medium for public expression and empowerment through education and social engineering.
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Designer(s) : Mohammad Hammad

Tutor(s) : Dr Deyala Al-Tarawneh

The situation born into affects the prospects of a person’s future, and the ability to change such cases differs from person to person; this project aims to provide architectural spaces that facilitate personal and societal change.


The complicated economic and societal situation in Amman, Jordan, defies people’s ability to change their reality as if they are stuck. The location of the space that facilitates this change is vital.

Ras Al Ain Park

Located in a central location in Amman with access from different demographics and approximate to the ones in need, and it being a neglected site that is the breath point of a lot of people, it was selected.

Education and public expression

To provide social mobility thorough understanding of society’s functions, problems, and institutions is necessary,

education as a social institution is closely connected to other sectors of society and can open areas of opportunities for the individual, combined with a platform for expression and dialogue, and can create a medium for change.

qualitative research

in the shape of semi-structured interviews conducted in the adjacent areas of the park, with a varying sample profile in mind; questions were about accessibility, safety, amenities, needs, fears, hopes, and answers were a guide in determining goals and objectives

Existing conditions

Vegetation consists of high evergreen trees; The Site appears to be the lunge of the urban fabric as the Site is surrounded by high-density areas that lack breathable regions; the park is an island by main streets with no physical connection creating a dangerous crossing point from one side to the other, entrances to the park are four staircases as the park is lower than the street level (berried).

The project’s primary goal is to facilitate self-actualization and empower those in need. People in the area of Ras Al Ain need such a project because they are neglected. The primary demographic in the area is young aspiring underprivileged people who need help achieving their full potential.

The idea is to create a space that houses educational activities with an emphasis on public expression, as this interaction can lead to many opportunities; the central location provides a refreshing mix of people, the old, the young, the rich, the poor, the knowledgeable, and the knowledge seeker.

With facilities that enable different activities like classes, seating areas, studios, public speaking areas, and workshops, this achieves a well-rounded house of public education and does not limit it to a type that might not suit all.

The Site consists of nodes and connections; the nodes are:

  1. FORUM AND THEATER: public speaking spaces inspired by the speaker’s corner’s concept, designed with park elements that define space but keep permeability to maintain free movement.
  2. Educational facilities are divided into an education centre that has places for formal and non-formal education, from classes to seating areas. And vocational training for workshops like car maintenance classes, carpentry, and metalwork.
  3. Social nodes in the park are designed in a comforting way that enables interaction.

Connections between them and crossing points entices interaction to provide acceptability and permeability.

The tunnel is implemented to solve the problem of moving from one side .to the other and creates an area of intersection between paths.