Baghdad Waste to Energy Plant

waste gasification plant supports the future extension of the existing Baghdad electricity gas plant, with recycling lines and vertical farms use the emitted CO2 and water steam from the plant system. it's also represents a green power landmark on Tigris river.
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Designer(s) : Hawraa Isam

University : University of Technology

Tutor(s) : Abbas Greiza / Shamael Al-Dabbagh

Biomass Energy plant and recycling lines

On an area of 120,000 Square meters, a negative to positive conversion centre with a multitask capacity that never ceases to embrace the human factor is designed. A plant that uses biomass gasification as an eco-friendly gas generating efficient process leading to produce electricity in its final step; the main reason to neighbour Baghdad Gas Electricity Plant. The whole system adheres to low emission levels, that are directed to the vertical farms that are located in the higher parts of the plant; this is part of the holistic cycle of the process that supports the goals of this site.  The location is (in sight in mind) oriented.

Main Process: This mixed Municipal Solid waste goes to the Main Sorting Plant to separate the recyclable materials from the biomass waste, the latter goes to the gasifier to then produce Syngases that are linked to the neighbouring gas electricity plant. Whereas, the recyclable materials go to the recycling lines that consume less than 0.002% of the plant’s power.


  • The continuous accumulation of waste in Baghdad since 2003 that exceeded nine thousand tons daily. The waste pressing capacity is 4000-5000 tons/ day and produces pressed waste or unhealthy dumping.
  • Enormous pollution rates continue to rise as a result of daily addition without processing of any sort.
  • The increasing pollution effect of the Baghdad gas Energy plant that aggravates the hazardous conditions of the surrounding areas and waters.
  • Lack of electricity and waste management on one hand and increasing waste volumes on the other.