Al-Sumaya Folk Art House

Al-Samaya Folk Arts house is a center that teaches, displays and documents Yemeni folk arts.
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Designer(s) : Rayah Ahmed Mohammed A’mer

University : Dhmmar university

Tutor(s) : Mohamed Faye

The Yemeni rejoices when he sees the crowds of people around him, That’s why ancient man built a city on this basis.. The people in each neighborhood left a space called( AL-Sarha), which is a space that mediates a group of dwellings. In it he met his loved ones and held his weddings and events. And in it he cried with his head on his friend when he died dear to him .And it is the same place that gathered people in religious holidays and occasions.. He sang in its center the artist and the dance of the public “Bara’a”. Therefore, Al-Sarha has an important historical and philosophical depth from which my idea was inspired. To bring life and sublime thought back to a similar place. Al- Sarha was represented by the open middle theater. The houses were replaced by the various functions of the house.
This project is an attempt to restore social life.. and revival of lofty thought A place that brings people together to direct their ideas towards peace, art and music .
Al-Samaya Folk Arts house is a center that teaches, displays and documents Yemeni folk arts . The center provides spaces for performances and places for oral arts.
The project is designed to be new and familiar at the same time. As the details of the blocks and entrances of the project are inspired by the elements of Yemeni architecture specifically Dhamari . The symbolism of the main shapes in the less high symbolic blocks of movement and music.
The theater is the gathering point The symbolism of Al- Sarha appears in it. It was designed in a simple style away from complexity and modern forms in order to achieve the same idea.. The performing arts are displayed after education and training in it.
the part of telling and stories To display and present oral legacy and protect this art from extinction.
The exhibitions part of the exhibitions carry out the process of displaying visual products such as those produced in the jewelry and fashion part.
The task of Documentation part is to document the folk arts electronically and transfer them to the art library in the center. This block permeated the entrance to the importance of the documentation process and assigned the block to the part of the senior personalities and artists to express the important role they play.

We don’t need a place that contains what the war has left behind.. We need a place that brings back the feeling of intimacy and love.